The Luck of the Draw

Our new album “The Luck of the Draw” is NOW LIVE!

You can purchase it on iTunes or for $10 at BandCamp

Listen on Spotify or Apple Music or Deezer. You can find it on your favourite other streaming platforms through the following link :

We hope you enjoy the album! 🙌🏽🎸🥁
Ken, Jesse and Alan

1. Step on the Gas
2. Prick
3. Fallout Shelter
4. The Blues
5. Crumbs
6. Barren Fields
7. Eyes Ears Mouth Nose
8. Tuned and Retuned
9. Rat Race
10. Modern Cowboy
11. Twitches

Article in Beat Magazine, July 2020

Article in HiFi Way by Rob Lyon, July 2020

Article In Wordly Magazine by Enara Tompkins, October 2020

Video Interview by Ellie D on her YouTube channel “Behind the music with Ellie D“. Warning – Lockdown leads to filter madness


Formed in 2017, Exquisitor are a Melbourne based three-piece (Ken Harris – Bass/Vocals, Alan Black – Guitar/Vocals, Jesse Marshall – Drums/Vocals).  Together they share a belief that music should always keep an audience guessing as well as entertained. Their music spreads across genres with songs that are sometimes serious, sometimes funny but always there to make you think as you tap your foot. 

Fallout Shelter – Out now

“Fallout Shelter” is the first single from Exquisitor’s upcoming album. It was released on major streaming services in April 2020.


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